Water is a valuable resource and a necessity for the survival of all life on the planet. We get most of our fresh water from rivers. Rivers account for only 1/10,000 of one percent of the total water on Earth.(https://www.water.usgs.gov/edu/earthhowmuch.html) With this knowledge comes the responsibility to use it wisely, build water systems that provide clean water access to all of humanity, and keep our water ways clean. 


Clean Water Advocacy

Clean Water is a human right. Clean water for drinking, bathing, hygiene is so fundamental to a decent life on earth that it seems like an obvious fact. Yet some would deny that all humans have a right to clean water.




Water Conservation

A great way to conserve water is to harvest rain water. Use rain water collected in rain barrels to irrigate your garden beds. On this page you will find a full set of instructions on how to make a rain barrel including a parts list, maintenance and installation instructions.

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