Volunteer - Participate - Collaborate.

  • Volunteer with our programs – offering many service work opportunities including working at a tree planting event, at a rain barrel workshop, to maintain social media accounts and the website, to raise funds for the Trust programs.

  • Participate in research and education – we are always looking at new ways to restore and preserve the natural environment. We welcome students looking for internships, professionals looking to do service work in the community. Get involved, you can help us see these new ideas come to fruition.

  • Collaborate to expand our reach – share your ideas and thoughts about how better to restore and preserve the natural environment. We love partnerships that further and enhance our efforts. Working together we can discover greater solutions.

Banner photograph by Tanner Williams of Leaf & Limb. This picture was taken at a collaborative tree planting event involving: We Plant it Forward program of Terra Vita Stewards, Leaf & Limb, Habitat for Humanity of Wake County and Activate Good.